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Bright Leaders bringing bright new ideas to make our community safer, better and stronger

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Working Together

Working together to give our community a strong voice in local, regional and state government

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Building our Community

Together we partner to build our community with leadership that listens, is accountable and has the determination to improve. Working for our Seniors, our families, our youth and the future.

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Since 1993

The Lyons Township Democratic Organization is here for you

Our Township is one of the strongest, safest and most vibrant communities in the Midwest. That's why we all live here.

At the Lyons Township Democratic Organization, we strive to provide our residents, homeowners and businesses, the best and highest quality of services.

We strive to build the best schools for our youth, provide effective programs to our senior citizens and families, and come together to make our streets and neighborhoods the safest in Illinois.

We're proud to live in Lyons Township and we are proud of all that our Township offers.

We hope you find the news, features and information on this website inspiring and educational.


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The General Election is on November 6, 2018.

Vote Democratic for a strong State, a strong county and a strong community.